December 30 Update

New Version-Star Summit

Time: 9:30-11:00 am (UTC+8), December 30
Servers: All Servers

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C2 Talent skill

  • Unlock Requirement: Reach Lv.260, complete class change 2
  • Access: Talent skill tab

System Intro:
1) Unlocking talent skills grants 10 talent points. You'll get 1 talent point per levelup. After that, you can get a lot of talent points for each class change.
2) Upgrading talent skills requires talent points and honor points.
3) Talent skills are divided into Attack Type, Defense Type, and General Type. Adventurers can freely match according to your needs, and their effect can be viewed specifically.
4) There will be differences in the attack- and defense- type skills among the classes. The general type is the talent skill shared by all classes.
5) Talent upgrade requirements: Previous talent reaches certain level. Player has invested points in a certain talent type to reach requirements and has usable talent points;
6) You can use Talent Reset Ticket to reset talents back to 0. All consumed materials will be returned.

Star Summit (Cross-server 3V3)

  • Unlock Requirement: Reach Lv.160, server≥ day11
  • Access: Talent skill tab
1) Points: Winner team members gain 100 points, the winning team members get 100 points, of which MVP gets 105 points, the losing team members get 50 points, and the losing SVP gets 55 points, which are used for season and rank ranking;
2) Team composition: Each team has three members. There will be MVP and SVP, who get more points than their teammates;
3) Matching mechanism: Players can choose a single match, two-person team match, three-person team match;
4) Opening conditions and time: Reach Lv.160. Open daily from 12:30 to 13:00 and 20:30 to 21:00;
5) Season: One week is one season with 48 games. Monday is the off-season settlement and with no events;
6) Merit: Merit can be obtained in the settlement of each battle. Merit can be exchanged for rare items such as sky stone and holy soul materials in the Merit Shop.
7) Starting from the last 20 seconds of a single battle, there will be a shrinking poisonous gas zone. The player who lasts to the end will get the mvp of the battle.
8) If your teammates are in the same Warband with you, you can get additional buffs. It is recommended to form a team in advance for matching
The ranks are settled once a week, and the ranking rewards are sent by mail

Equipment enhancing-Sky Set

1.Unlock Requirement: Reach Lv.160, server≥ day11
2. Craft brand new Sky Set matched with Star Summit items
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