January 21 Update

Time: 9:30-11:00 am (UTC+8), January 21

Servers: All Servers

Unlock Requirement: Reach Lv.350, server ≥60 days

------------Update Content--------------

Abyssal Dreamland

  • Access: Daily-Timed Event- Abyssal Dreamland
  • Rules:
1. The Abyssal Dreamland is available at 10:00, 16:00 and 22:00 every day.
2. There will be 9 Dreamland Doors in the Abyssal Dreamland on 3 levels, and entering every level requires different Soulforce Attack nurtured attributes.
3. Star Summit Warband members can enter a same Dreamland Door and share the Beast Soul Aura together.
4.In Dreamland, teams will be ranked according to their total damage dealt by all team members.
5. Damage will be cleared after you quit the Dreamland map. There will be a 10s CD when entering again. Reviving on the spot will not clear damage.

6. The BOSS generates Soulforce Shield overtime. During the shield time, only Soulforce can break the shield. When the shield is broken, the BOSS will be stunned for 60 seconds, and receive all kinds of damage.

Abyssal Treasure Hunt

  • Access: Daily-Timed Event- Abyssal Dreamland
  • Rules:
1. Every Dreamland Door offers 1 treasure hunt every day
2. The star level of each treasure hunt is random and it can be changed by refreshing
3. The higher star levels of the treasure hunt quest, the more rewards, and the higher requirements of quality and star level for the pet needed

4. Each pet can be sent once a day

Beast Soul

  • Access: Beast Soul (lower right corner icons)
  • Rules:
1. There are 3 beast souls: Phoenix, Ice Dragon, King Kong
2. Equip beast souls of the same quality to activate Aura effect. Aura is shared within the Warband in Abyssal Dreamland and Star Summit. [No stacking of the same types]
Phoenix Aura: Warband members recover 3.6% HP per second. [Max Level Effect]
Ice Dragon Aura: Attacks have a 20% chance to freeze enemies for 3s.[Max Level Effect]
King Kong Aura: Warband members have 50% increased HP and DEF.[Max Level Effect]
3. Beast soul equipment can be enchanted, forged, smelted.
4. Abyssal Dreamland drops all beast soul equipment and items for enchanting and forging
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