Fun Daily Events: Demon Labyrinth & Tavern Quest

Dear adventurers, 

welcome to the intelligence department of Rainbow Story.

There are some routine events in RS that are not so competing but still fun to play. Have you tried Demon Labyrinth and Tavern Quest?

Demon Labyrinth

Demon Labyrinth is open to adventurers who reach Lv.72. The daily opening time is 20:00-20:30 every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.
(You can view different events of different open time through the Daily system.) Demon Labyrinth is the main way to obtain Spiritual Power needed by Equipment Infusion. If you want to be stronger, and further improve your cp, don't forget to join Demon Labyrinth.

Demon Labyrinth, luck is the first and foremost.

It is one of the most special gameplay in Rainbow Story. The mechanism is similar to the labyrinth, with very strong randomness. There are eight floors, with three entrances on the top of each floor. Each entrance requires a pass to get through. Passes are offered by killing monsters on the map and can be kept and used in the next event. Of the three entrances, only one is the correct exit that can reach the next layer. Only the powerful and sharp adventurer (blood test) can reach the last floor and fight against the final boss. Kill the boss to get the exclusive BOSS reward.

Tips: If adventurer is lost in front of the entrance and not clear which entrance to enter, you can try to ask other adventurers for help.

Tavern Quests

【Gameplay Intro】
Tavern quests is a daily event in Rainbow Story, which will be unlocked automatically at Lv.55, refreshed daily and open for the whole day. You can play for ten rounds each day.  It is a must-play part for freeing your hands and easily upgrading your CP. By completing tasks, you can easily obtain rewards such as EXP and artifact training materials. After finishing 10-loop tasks, it will also provide extra rewards---10-loop pack + high EXP reward. You might also get potion or artifact materials from the pack.

【Process Intro】
1. During the Tavern quests, players can find the NPCs to get tasks by one-tap navigation in the daily must-play list.

2. There are two types of tasks, collecting certain materials and defeating a designated number of specific monsters. Adventurers can freely choose manual or auto play, saving time and effort to complete the task easily.

3. After completing the task, you can return to submit the task by one-tap navigation, and you can easily get a lot of EXP and power-up items.

4. After finishing the 10-loop task, you can also claim the extra 10-loop pack and lots of EXP rewards, CP to level up with ease!

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