Newbie Tips: Ranking Race

Here is the guide for pets, set and equipment in Ranking Race of Rainbow Story.

Pet Ranking

The first thing to know is that pet spirit is needed for Pet ranking race, which can be drawn by pearls in pet spirit.
Please note that pet spirit has a whole set of attributes.

To activate the set attributes, it needs 2 or above pet spirits that are of the same category and same color. Wear 3 pet spirits of the same category and color to activate the whole set of attributes. It’s a percentage blessing, 3+2 is the best combination.

Pets with high ATK like Baphomet is sure to match ATK and HP set. The percentage ATK bonus is very powerful.
High HP and DEF pets like Angel of Protection prefer HP and DEF set.
Other pets follow the same way. (Please note that socketing pet spirit requires to clear the stages to unlock the pet spirit slot)
After pet spirit, please remember to starup,  level up, devour and awaken pets. The higher levels, the better.
The discount pack of daily ranking race in Special Offer Pack can save quite a few money, don't miss it if they are affordable to you.

Set Ranking

The Set ranking mainly focuses on the total CP of Flaming Thunder Set and Valorous Set.
To upgrade these two sets consumes Valorous Stone and Flaming Thunderstone.

The main ways to obtain Flaming Thunder Stone and Valorous Stone are Field Boss, Mayan Boss, auction purchase and randomly from Resplendent Chest.

Equipment Ranking

The Equipment ranking is based on the total CP of all equipment you wear
In the early stage, there are 3 paths to develop equipment: starup, reforming, and refinement.
Please note that the enhancing is of the position, so it is not counted in equipment CP.

Starup is to increase the star level of the equipment by consuming the Starup Stone and equipment with the same class and quality. This is the main way to develop equipment.

Reforming is to reform equipment by consuming reforming stones, which can activate suit attributes and have a great increase in PVP damage.

Refining is to refine the attributes of the equipment by consuming refining stones until the highest quality is obtained.
Attribute order: golden>red>orange>purple>blue
A refining stone costs 200 pearls
But the refining depends on luck. It is recommended to do refining after all the other ways above are prepared enough.
If you are capable enough, you can boldly refine it. A golden attribute can increase more than 10,000 CP.
A piece of equipment has 5 attributes that can be refined.

*All pics are from test server

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