Clan System: Play together, triple benefits & multiple gameplay

Dear adventurers, do you prefer to play games alone or with friends? If you like to take adventure with friends, then the clan system cannot be missed.

Rainbow Story has developed much gameplay on the clan, encouraging adventurers to join the clan, communicate with other adventurers, and leave beautiful memories with friends. It's even better if it turns into a long-term friendship.

If you're still hesitating whether to take adventure alone, or join the clan, let me give you two reasons that are hard to refuse.

1. Attractive Triple benefits

In clan, there is not only a clan shop refreshed every day, which can help you collect the materials you want faster. If you hold positions in clan, it can help to get salary every three days as long as you are active enough. As for clan salaries, the higher the position is, the richer the rewards will be. Don's forget to communicate with the clan leader. If you got no position in clan , it doesn't matter. You can also receive the red packet from the big spenders (Clan spenders, do you still need a follower?). Three consecutive benefits, don't miss them.

2. Various events

In addition to the triple benefits mentioned above, there are various events: the daily gathering of clan territory, clan war, clan bosses, clan realm, lord challenge, clan campfire, clan transference and so on. Whether you like PVE, PVP, or prefer to chat with friends, all of these can be satisfied. There is always an event suitable for you. The clan system not only contains so many activities but also offers a lot of rewards, massive EXP and a large number of items.

How do you feel about the diverse and abundantly rewarding clan systems and gameplay? Adventurers, invite your friends to join us!

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