Newbie Tips: Equipment Refine Ⅱ

Recommended Refining Attribute Selection

Tips for reference only: below is the recommendation for selecting refining attributes. Take C0 gears as an example. (mixed set, concerned about both PVE and PVP)

①Weapon, Jewel: Defense Break, Min ATK, Raging Blow Chance, Max ATK,  (CP<25M, choose Crit; CP> 25M, choose Lifesteal)

②Armor, Helmet: Tenacity, Raging Blow Resistance, Extra Resistance to Warriors, Extra Resistance to Mages, Block

③Belt, Greaves: Extra Resistance to Archers,  Extra Resistance to Megas, Skill Damage Reduction, HP, Block Recovery

④Bracers: Extra Resistance to Archers, Extra Resistance to Swordsmen,Accuracy, Block, Deadly Strike Chance

⑤Relic: Extra Resistance to Archers,Extra Resistance to Swordsmen,Block Mitigation, Deadly Strike Resistance, Dodge  

⑥Necklace, Jewel: Skill Damaga Ratio, Critical Damage Bonus, Lifesteal, Max ATK, Min ATK

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