Intro-Astrological System

*Astrological System*

Access: Astrologic Icon

Unlock Requirement: Reach Lv.270, server launch≥40 days

Spirit Blade

By collecting sword remnants, adventurers can recast the power of the spirit blade body--the skill of spirit blade, “Astral Dimensonal Slash” can deal high damage attacks to Astrological and normal BOSS, with extra percentage damage of max HPAs the sword blade levels up, adventurers can gradually unlock other parts of the spirit blade. There are five parts of the spirit blade, each of which can activate different spirit blade skills and attribute bonuses. The power of the spirit blade will enable adventurers to strengthen by leaps and bounds. To fight the monsters in Astro Tower and Astrological Realm, spirit blade power is dispensable!

How to Play:

Collect materials to level up Spirit Blade and its casting, boost its attributes and rating

Demon Shatter Equipment

Demon Shatter Equipment the second brand new equipment system. Through wearing Demon Shatter set, adventurers can control the power of shattering demons. There are 3 sets of Demon Shatter Equipment: Dominator, Silvermoon and Ancient God,all of which can be gained from Astrological Realm. Each set has different set skills and bonus.

By socketing Spirit Stone, you can awake equipment potential and activate Astral skills-Star-force Slash, Astral Protection, Star Armor, Astral Rage.With this help, adventurers will be more skillful in the Realm.

How to Play:

1. There are 12 parts of the equipment: Weapon, Helmet, Necklace, Shield, Shoulders, Breastplate, Belt, Bracers, Ring-left, Ring-right, Chausses, Boots

2. Each piece of equipment has its basic attributes.

3. Each piece of equipment has its requirement to unlock, which is related to the floors cleared in Astro Tower.

4. There are 3 sets of Demon Shatter Equipment: Dominator, Silvermoon and Ancient God.

5. Collect equipment to unlock set effects; effects are divided into set skills and set attributes, and set attributes can be stacked

6. You can enhance and tier up the equipment and socket spirit stones on it

7. Spirit Stones can be upgraded and combined

Astro Tower

Astro Tower is a new PVE gameplay in the Astrological system. Before heading to the next floor in the tower, adventurers not only need to complete the challenge but also reach a certain Spirit Blade rating score. Clearing specified floors each time grants the materials to upgrade Spirit Blade and Demon Shatter Equipment. Don't worry if you cannot get to the next floor. You can get casting materials and gold to improve Spirit Blade rating. 

How to Play:

1. After opening the challenge, unlock and challenge boss of higher floors by improving Spirit Blade rating. Enter the scene to start the challenge.

2. Kill the monster within the specified time to clear. You will fail if you quit the challenge or cannot defeat the monster、

3. Ranking: Only record the top 100 players. Players on the same floor are sorted in order of arrival time.

Astrological Realm

Astrological Realm is the key gameplay of this new version, where adventurers can get Demon Shatter equipment and the enhancing materials for the two equipment systems.

Here adventurers can consume Astrological Book to randomly summon one from a total of 75 monsters to challenge . Challenge requires Falling Star Rune dropped in Mayan Temple. With the special power, the astrological bossonly receives damage of Spirit Source attributes, while normal attacks will not take effect. The higher level of the Spirit Blade, the higher probability to summon a high-star level boss. And with more stars above the boss, the challenge reward and kill reward will be greater.

How to Play:

-Summon Boss

① Consume summon materials(gain through events) to summon boss

② The boss has 2 stats: Star Level & Spirit Source. The more stars, the lower chance to summon; You can improve Spirit Blade rating to increase the probability

③ The boss in the realm will receive spirit source essential damage. Enhance Astral Spirit equipment and Spirit Blade rating to strengthen the capacity to defeat boss

④ The summoned boss has a time period to survive. If it is not killed during the time limit, it will disappear

-Challenge Boss

① You need tickets to challenge boss. A certain number of tickets will be refreshed in Clan Shop every day. You can also use shells to buy tickets. There is a daily limit on challenge chances.

② The rules are similar to Clan Realm. Fight the boss in a limited time. BOSS HP won't restore after the time is up. You can use tickets to continue challenging.

③ There are challenge rewards (calculated based on the proportion of damage done to the BOSS) and kill rewards from the boss.

Star Chamber

In this new version, adventurers can also use the Star Coins obtained in the Realm to exchange for rare items such as Spirit Blade/Demon Shatter equipment, shop items, legendary titles, etc. As long as you have enough Star Coins, take all rare items in Star Chamber back home!

How to Play: 

1. Challenge Astrological Realm boss to get Star Coins

2. Consume Star Coins to exchange items in Star Chamber

3. Only when all items are purchased in T1 Chamber can you unlock chamber of the next tier and get rewards

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