Newbie Tips: Equipment Refine Ⅰ

1. What is "Refine"?

In C0 (before Lv.180), there will be a total of ten pieces of equipment. Lv.140 unlocks the refining system. Each piece of equipment unlocks one refining slot per star up. C0 gear has a maximum of 5 stars, which can unlock 5 refining slots. After having 5 slots, you can open the refining attribute function, as shown in the following picture.

There are 7 types of refining attributes for each part of the equipment, and 5 of them can be selected corresponding to 5 refining slots. The refining attributes only correspond to this equipment and cannot be inherited after replacing! (P.s. Capable players can also develop different refined sets of equipment respectively for PVP or PVE.)

The Refine for C1 equipment follows the same ways as C0 equipment. But one difference is C1 equipment needs to reach 7 stars to unlock the 5th slot.

2. Why we need to refine equipment?

There is Max and Min value of refining attributes. Generally, randomly obtained refining attributes will not get the maximum value, and there are only 5 random attributes. There are 7 fixed attributes. When you play PVE, select the 5 most suitable for PVE, and when you play PVP, select the 5 most suitable ones for PVP. It depends on the player’s own situation.

3. How to refine?

To refine the attributes, you need to know what attributes you want. Each piece of equipment has 7 fixed attributes. Pick the 5 most suitable ones according to whether you are going to PVP or PVE. Tap the refining preview in the lower right corner to view the 7 fixed attributes of each equipment, as shown below. Generally, the MAX attribute will appear once after 10 refinings. Capable adventurers can directly refine the attribute you want to MAX value.

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