Newbie Tips: How to Upgrade Fast

Hi adventurer!

In Rainbow Story, plenty of gameplay requires adventurers reaching certain levels to unlock, such as the Tavern Quests,which offer high income, unlock at Lv.52, and Demon Labyrinth, with high randomness and full of fun, unlocks at Lv.72, etc. 

And you may ask: "how can we upgrade fast in the early stage of the game?" We've brought you several ways to upgrade efficiently, and methods about how to reach Lv.100 quickly.

1. Main Quest

During the newbie stages (Below Lv.55), the fastest way to obtain EXP is finishing the Main Quest. Therefore, adventurers can follow the Main Quest, and experience the game story. 
Besides, when adventurers reach Lv.40,  you can claim the free VIP and unlock VIP BOSS. Even if of relatively lower quality, the early-stage VIP BOSS will still offer some rewards and EXP.

2.Tavern Quest

After going through the newbie stage and reaching Lv.55, some functions and gameplays will be unlocked graduatelly. Expecially at Lv.55, Tavern Quest, one of the most important daily quests, will be unlocked. Adventurers can claim considerable EXP by completing the Tavern Quests every day. After the 10-loop quests are done, extra huge amount of EXP and the Tavern Loop Chest rewards will be availble to claim. 

3.EXP Den

When adventurer reach Lv.67, the most important daily gameplay on level up-EXP Den, will be available. The daily EXP Den opens all day long. You can consume daily chances of entering the EXP Den at any time of the day. Every day the first 3 times won't cost any items. After that adventures can obtain 3 extra times by consuming the Den Entrance Ticket.

Entering the EXP Den, adventurers will be in a room like a practice room. You need to slay the monsters continuously refreshed during a certain limited time to gain EXP. In the end, players will be rewarded with a massive EXP based on the rank of the number of monsters you killed, which is one of the most effective ways to gain EXP in the game. You can also get double EXP through consuming Shells. This is indispensable for upgrading fast in the game. 

4. Land of Ashes

After trying the trainning in EXP Den, you guys must be not far from Lv.75. At the same time when adventurers finished the daily quests such as Tavern Quest, EXP Den, some daily points should also be accumulated. But what else can daily points be used to do except for getting Resplendent Key, Pearls and etc.? The answer is, daily points can be used in the Land of Ashes, another important way to help you level up easily. 

Not only can adventurers gain a massive amount of EXP from AFK in the Land of Ashes, but also the important in-game currency, Pearls. AFK in the Land of Ashes requires daily points, which can be accumulated to 2000 points at most. Every 1 point consumption can add 10s time in Land of Ashes. Once your level and DEF stat meet the requirment, you can go to the map of next level, to gain more EXP. And you can also enhance the efficiency of the EXP gain(↑↑50%↑↑) in Land of Ashes with the use of Elf Potion. Free your hands and upgrade easily√

If adventures well use the ways mentioned above, you're close to Lv.100. As a skillful and independent adventurer, do you know some other methods to gain EXP?

Don't worry! Cupid has prepared a detailed guidance in game. Tap Daily→Strengthen on the right-I Want EXP. Then you'll see where else you can gain more EXP.

This is the end of our tips. If you are curious about any other content, you can leave a message or feedback to our FB page. See you next time.

*All screenshots are from test accounts, not in real servers.

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